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Sheer Delight

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014 by

With the spring equinox comes longer days and more sunshine to enjoy! Spring is a time of rejuvenation, rebirth and renewal. It is one of the many reasons why we ‘spring clean’! It’s also the perfect time to revitalise your interiors!

Natural Sheers

With more sunshine and spring blooms in the garden to enjoy, the perfect spring addition to your interiors are sheer curtains.

Sheers, or voiles (from the French ‘veil’), are transparent fabrics that allow natural light into a room without compromising the view outside, or privacy of those inside. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction blinds or with thicker curtains.

Natural Flats

Sheers are an inexpensive way to dress a window, yet they provide an opulent and luxurious feel, akin to a stay in a luxury holiday resort. They can also provide the impression of space, particularly when cooler colours are used.

Warwick Vivien and Vadella

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, by blocking the direct sun, sheers will assist in protecting your furniture and other textiles from fading. They are also particularly useful for those with indoor plants, as the plants will still receive the benefits of sunlight, without the damaging heat of direct sun. They are also great in the warmer months to keep the bugs out!

Arsari Lullabye Mirabell

Sheers are not limited to plain design, nor are they limited to shades of white. In our sheer offer there are many colours and designs, such as stripes, geometrics, as well as varying textures, such as embroideries, linens and moire effects. Patterned sheers offer the usual features of a sheer, but with the design element that usually people go to drapes for.

Warwick Fabrics Copper Sheers

If you are getting drapes made up for you, talk to your drape makers about the different hanging options available. People are using sheers over the top of their stark, minimal look roller blinds to create a more luxurious, soft and elegant look.


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