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Belle Magazine 40 Year Collaboration

Monday, October 6th 2014 by


Congratulations to Belle Magazine on their 40th birthday!

To celebrate the milestone we joined forces with Belle, selecting four iconic armchairs from Australian manufacturers, reflecting the four decades – the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s.

These chairs have been beautifully recovered in our fabrics that will be launched at the Belle 40 Year celebration event in our Sydney showroom in early November (stay tuned for event photos!).
Each chair has also been brilliantly recreated by paper engineer Benja Harney as seen below and in the latest issue of Belle Magazine.

The 70s
The 70s were an era of freedom and self-expression, something which translated into interior design at the time. With an influence from nature and environmentalism, colours tended to be earthly such as orange, brown, avocado green and the popular “harvest gold”. Today we speak of “pops of colour”, in the 70’s it was “explosions of colour”! Patterns were bold geometrics. And did we mention orange?
Cork tiles were in, and craft décor was popular with macramé plant hangings and woven wall decorations.
Furniture was covered in brightly coloured textured fabrics, and more often than not were made of teak or cane. There was also a strong experimentation with form, of which the Tessa T/4 is a perfect example of.
Belle 70s_
Paper re-creation of Tessa Furniture’s iconic T/4 as seen in Belle Magazine. Made up in Augustus Turmeric.

The 80s
The 80s were a decade of excess, power and money, which was reflected in interior design of the time. Loud bright patterns and colours were popular (think ‘Miami Vice’ – turquoise, aqua and purple). Sleek surfaces of tiles and glass table tops were on trend, whilst furniture in general was sculptural with strong shapes and form, often featuring chrome accents. Artifex’s Rouja tub chair is a perfect representation of a popular style of the time.
Belle 80s_
Paper re-creation of Artifex Australia’s Rouja as seen in Belle Magazine. Made up in Capitol Lagoon.

The 90s
Fueled by the recession, people of the 90’s scaled back their interiors, with minimalism becoming prevalent. Colours were toned down to create serene and soothing spaces, with beige, taupe and more beige being key!
Pine furniture was common, whilst industrial style pieces began to emerge as re-use and green living became popular.
People began spending more time at home, so large comfortable furnishings replaced the sculptural pieces of the 80’s (think sectionals!). Molmic’s Mojo armchair reflects that move towards comfort, whilst still retaining a clean and simple elegance.
Belle 90s_
Paper re-creation of Molmic Furniture’s Mojo as seen in Belle Magazine. Made up in Sumo Raffia.

The 00s
With the arrival of the millennium, interior design moved away from minimalism and beige, to embrace colour, comfort and individuality. There was a shift toward a more practical, casual and comfortable lifestyle, both physically and aesthetically.
Mix and matching furniture and design styles meant interiors became more individual and less prescriptive. Earthy natural tones continued to trend, but with bursts of colour added in accent pieces. Layering with soft furnishings also became popular, using curtains, wallpapers, rugs and cushions to create interest, texture and depth.
Jardan’s Camper chair is a perfect example of individual style.
Belle 00s_
Paper re-creation of Jardan Furniture’s Camper as seen in Belle Magazine. Made up in Habitat Aqua.

We cannot wait to show you the finished pieces, but in the meantime enjoy Benja’s incredible paper creations in the latest issue of Belle. Out now!

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