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BROAD BRUSHSTROKES: Painterly Prints & Watercolours

Wednesday, May 13th 2015 by


The worlds of fashion, art and design have collided this season with designers picking up their paintbrushes and transforming blank canvasses across multiple mediums.

Watercolour prints and painterly florals have been trending in fashion over the past few seasons, yet are still evolving with their fresh applications in interiors and home wares.

From Renoir to Monet, we looked to the great Impressionist and Watercolour artists for design inspiration as well as fashion influences seen through designers such as Kenzo, and Valentino to create our Monique, Akari and Cornucopia collections.

Painterly Pink
Fabrics featured: Watercolour Pastel, Calista Pop, Finchley Flamingo, Oriental Trail Cherry, Azumi Chartreuse, Azumi Fuchsia, Andora Fuchsia, Newbury Pop, Sakura Pastel.

Soft brush strokes bring a feminine accent to painterly florals, while the undefined edges created by watercolours are at home in both classic and modern interiors; with a full palette ranging from pastels to bold brights and fluoros.

If you’re thinking of bringing this trend into your interior, take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Painterly Neutral
Fabrics featured: Azumi Natural, Azumi Steel, Montmartre Charcoal, Akari Indigo, Tiverton Delft, Andora Citron, Pop Wolf, Azumi Indigo.

Painterly Blue
Fabrics featured: Akari aquamarine, Tiverton Lagoon, Fincheley Bluebell, Georgina Indigo, Marion Dusk, Gershwin Aquamarine, Monique Dusk.

Inspiration images sourced from Pinterest. and the following links: Harpers Bazaar, Lourdes Sanchez, Vogue Living, Julian Meagher, Emma Hayes, Vogue-Kenzo, Vogue UK – Valentino, Lana Lou Style, Wiki Art – Renoir.

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