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In 2016 we see colour taking a richer direction. While earthy neutrals still have their place, this year we welcome sophisticated colour. Transeasonal and transformative, our 2016 trend picks have actually been around for an eternity. You’ve seen them in grand hotels, designer homes and luxury couture. Both aspirational and classic, they lift a space with a quiet sense of confidence and absolute elegance.

No longer content to sit in the background, this year they take centre stage. Refined and bold, discover our big three picks for 2016…. and why you will be yearning to see more of them.


A versatile colour that enchants with its ability to energise and soothe in both warm and cool design schemes, Lagoon is proof that blue and green should be seen! Think jewel like tones of malachite, jade and lapis lazuli across plains, botanical prints and subtle geometric patterns. Lighter tones will refresh a space while darker hues anchor a design scheme, imbuing a sensual, moody aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with rich textures like velvets or chenille. Paired with off-white and dark timbers the tone is classic, or use dark denim as a neutral for authentic, designer edge.

Fabrics Featured: Liam Ink, Dolce Citrus, Enigma PeacockLiaison Peacock, Enigma Peacock, Augustus Reef, Augustus Turmeric, Dolce Emerald, Cube Sky, Lucent Atoll, Enigma Turquoise
Inspiration images sourced from: House and Garden UK, Christian DiorVogue Living Australia 



Much more than sweet Tropicana, Flamingo covers a broad colour spectrum. From pale blush to dusty tones and captivating corals, this accent colour has filtered down from fashion and is bewitching us with its warmth and poise.
Think less sugary and more composed. A spritz of Flamingo in playful prints can refresh drapery, cushions or feature furnishings while plain sheers, linens and organic textures can team with steel, chrome and marble for a more luxurious, Manhattan vibe. A soft touch of colour will give your space a rosy glow or, customise the look to connect your existing pieces by teaming brights with off-whites and blue tone greys, or, sharpen up your style with contrasting blues and greens.

Fabrics Featured: Lucent Mandarin, Esprit Petal, Cube TerracottaFinchley Flamingo, Jaipur Tangerine, Rochford Tangerine, Newbury Fiesta, Pavilion Flamingo
Inspiration images sourced from: MyranOscar Delarenta



Ultramarine, an ultra-sophisticated colour, has sashayed from the runways into our homes. This elegant cousin of navy shares its supremely classic sensibilities while stepping it up with brilliance and intensity.
Where denim has dominated in the past, we now see the bright, saturated tones of Ultramarine and cobalt stealing the spotlight. This versatile colour makes a cultured, cosmopolitan statement teamed with rich timbers, metallics and fresh whites or, head into bolder territory and mix and match with orange and yellow. Combine tones, layer shades and tell a story. And importantly, don’t let your designs be limited to soft furnishings. Be confident and paint a feature wall, they’re having a come back!

Fabrics Featured: Esprit Indigo, Diego Ocean, Husk OceanJaipur Delft, Esprit Indigo, Ingrid Indigo, Esprit Pacific, Cirrus Denim, Gerschwin Indigo, Lucent Pacific, Mandalay Delft
Inspiration images sourced from: VT WonenSara Sjogren


A touch of colour can go a long way! Not simply on trend, these are timeless tones that will allow you to illuminate a room with your personality. Be inspired by local landscapes or bring home the essence of faraway places …
From fashion to furnishings, make 2016 the year to add some colour to your life! What’s your colour resolution for the New Year?


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