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A new wave of metallic accents and feature fabrics are igniting our imagination in 2016!

Radiating sophistication and glamour, metallics have been illuminating the world’s most exclusive designer bars, hotels and restaurants for decades. More recently, they’re making their presence felt within refined urban interiors, adding a worldly lustre to everything they touch.

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From the dazzle and glamour of the iconic Great Gatsby era to the subtle shimmers of today, the design world is alight with all things metallic. Much more than the traditional staples of silver and gold, modern design encourages you to dig deeper and discover a gold mine of earthy bronzes and coppers, polished brass, brushed nickel and more.

From furnishings to architecture, the unique qualities of metallics have come to the fore, enhancing modern spaces with pure elegance, luxury and enduring style. Leading the way, Warwick’s new TITANIUM and LUSTRELL GRID collections are finding their place in minimalist and opulent spaces, and everywhere in between.

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TITANIUM is a curated and bespoke, showroom-only, library collection that can be viewed, in person, at Warwick. The mix and match collection of jacquards, plains, prints, weaves and embroidered designs have been collated to inspire layering and confident detailing.  Sleek modern or vintage fabrics add instant glamour while high shine fabrics can be pared back with organic textures or softer influences like wool blends and velvets, for timeless appeal.

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Mineral tones and modern textures feature in the LUSTRELL GRID collection of luxurious vinyls, prized for their high performance qualities. From burnished to brushed and from wicker weaves to embossed grids, LUSTRELL GRID is the perfect balance of refined and hardwearing.  Use the LUSTRELL GRID collection to introduce effortless finesse to high-use spaces.

Whether shimmering in the background or shining in the spotlight, these oh-so-desirable treasures are your clearest indication yet that it’s time to shine bright!  Spark our imagination and post your favourite, metallic inspired image as a comment below.

Fabrics featured are from our collections Titanium and Lustrell Grid.
Inspiration images sourced from: Scandinavian Collectors, Iris Van Herpen via Oxi-NPainted Bark via Fire Fly ForestTextured Necklace via JusTrendsChanelArt sculpture by Rebecca WardLife Tunnel by Atelier Bow Wow

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