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This month we go behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of the magic that happens in our design studio – the creative soul of Warwick. As one of the very few fabric Australian wholesalers with an in-house design team, we are so lucky to have four talented, full-time designers and product developers who offer us a world of insight and inspiration. Enveloped by expansive, floor to ceiling windows, our bright, airy studio is an ever-changing collage of pattern and colour. Dotted around the space, carefully curated mood boards reveal the unique creative process that each designer brings to our collections.

 “Mood boards give us a clear vision of a collection, from concept to completion.”

Studio 1

“You never know where your next idea might come from….” Our team draw inspiration from daily life; our colourful and eclectic city fringe neighbourhood, regular travel to the four corners of the globe, a magazine, a scrapbook, local markets, exotic destinations, cutting-edge trade shows, trend research, photography blogs, a stormy afternoon, a walk down a laneway or sitting in an airport. The conceptualisation of an entire collection can (and often does) come from a single shape, colour or texture that provides a starting point to develop an overall theme.

Studio 3

“Work commences on a collection 12-18 months in advance of a release date.”  Professionally qualified and highly experienced, our designers have worked throughout the UK, America, India and Australsia and are adept at predicting emerging trends well in advance of their arrival. Travel is an imperative part of the trend forecasting process. Research is also a key component followed by modifying colours and patterns to suit a local market. Clients in Australia, UK and New Zealand have differing preferences when it comes to colour, pattern and textures. The environment is a major influence as light will have a technical effect on colour perception.                                                                        

Studio 2

 “Using different, hand drawn mediums allows us to capture textures and details that are sometimes not achievable solely through digital design.” While textile techniques such as weave, embroidery, print, knitting and embossing create diversity within a range, fabric construction can make or break the success of a collection. Practical, functional attributes are highly valued for modern day interiors where performance and aesthetics are equally important considerations.

The team liaise with both local and international mills in Australia, Indonesia, Asia, UK, Europe and the United States on a daily basis to ensure every last production detail has been fulfilled.  After months of research, design, meticulous planning, sampling and resampling, the rewards speak for themselves when a collection finally comes to life in the Warwick showroom!

Take us behind the scenes where you work. What pieces of inspiration brighten up your space?  

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