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Already well into 2016 and we are seeing nature emerge as the dominant trend for interiors. Fulfilling our desire to connect with the natural world, interiors from traditional to modern and everywhere in-between are bringing the outdoors in. Step inside a new hotel, contemporary apartment, café or luxury home and find evidence of our aspiration to live harmoniously with our natural environment.

Warwick Naturally 02

Timber, marble, leather and minerals are all finding their place indoors alongside a myriad of natural fibres featuring across flowing drapes, relaxed lounges, knotty sisal rugs and tailored statement pieces. Rich materiality is the design statement while earthbound colour palettes and warming textures infuse spaces with an understated elegance like no other.

The recent launch of our new “NATURALLY WARWICK” brand articulates design’s attraction to nature. Noble and natural, calming and functional, Warwick applauds the strength and sustainability of natural fibres while using technology to increase each product’s durability and purpose for the demands of everyday life.

Haven 1

Both welcoming and worldly, our recent releases are the culmination of years of research, planning and foresight. Recently launched collections include HAVEN, a 100% premium, Belgian linen as well as reworked, popular products like HABITAT, PAPYRUS and PATINA. Nature is embraced with organic textures and tones and the comforts of gentle, natural brushed fabrics.

Striding into autumn, warm cosy shades and down-to-earth colour palettes mix it up with a series of soft, chalky tones with pastel influences as well as more grounded, season’s favourites from the richer end of the colour spectrum.

Warwick Naturally Insp

A trend for 2016 possibly, but we are convinced natural styling is here to stay. Are your interiors getting closer to nature?

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Fabrics featured are from our collections Haven, Habitat, Papyrus and Patina.

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