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We reveal what’s happening on the other side of the lens at our photoshoots.

As you’ll often hear, it takes time and planning to perfect a ‘spontaneous’ instagram-worthy image. Multiply that by a hundred when it comes to a professional photoshoot! Think months of planning, weeks of work and just a couple of hours to capture the ideal light…

For our dedicated design team of 4, a photoshoot signals the culmination of a year’s work. From concept to manufacture and supply, they are solely responsible for sourcing, designing and merchandising every fabric collection. They are also front and centre when it comes to the artistic direction of each photoshoot. Our design teamwork us through the process…

Behind The Scenes Photography 01

Photography planning all starts 5-6 months in advance of a collection’s release date. A collage of images, materials, colours, textures and words are streamlined into a mood-board which is essentially elements of inspiration turned into a considered concept, pivotal in evoking a particular feeling and direction for the photoshoot.

The mood of the collection must be reflected in the imagery. Is it modern and luxe? Nature based? High end or casual? A bright airy feeling or something more dramatic? The aesthetic is carefully considered to inspire your creativity when using the collection, rather than dictate a specific environment for its application.

Once concepts are approved, we assign a photographer and get down to the logistics of studio set up or location scouting. This is where a spectrum of finishes including floors, wall colour, windows, fittings and lighting come into play.

Behind The Scenes Photography 02

Over the years, we’ve developed trusted relationships with local manufacturers and retailers. They make the job much easier across the next few steps involving production of custom furniture and sourcing key pieces and props to showcase the collection. At this stage we also organise the fabric lengths and place production orders 2 – 3 months in advance, to meet photoshoot deadlines.

Just prior to the shoot we pick up the props – vases, side tables, rugs, plants and other accessories, chosen to communicate the tone of the collection. On the day, scenes are constructed, the creases are ironed out, drapes fall perfectly, camera angles and monitors are checked and repositioned. Hundreds of shots later, beautiful imagery unfolds. This is where the fabrics become a ‘real’ experience, brought to life in front of the lens.

Behind The Scenes Photography 03

The selection process is the final step. We choose hero images to depict the entire collection and cameo images to detail a feature fabric. Each photo is a potential catalyst to inspire the imagination and introduce a new style approach to your space.

What are your tips and tricks for capturing a share-worthy insta moment?

Featuring our Tropicana, Stockholm, Summit, Antonia, Estelle and Haven collections.

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