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The cool advance of winter has brought with it a strong desire to rug up with a steamy cup of tea as you reminisce over the long hot days of summer. However, despite the reality of shorter days and crisp mornings, the change in weather also brings exciting new prospects for your home with the rise of beautiful new colour trends that promise a refreshing take on existing interiors. Deep greens, inky blues and dusty pink tones have come together in a harmonious and on trend colour trio that reflects the sophisticated yet organic side of Mother Nature.

What’s more, this trend is all about mix and match. Blend soft apricot tones with gorgeous native greens to offer a feel that is temptingly tranquil, while deep ocean blues paired with soft shell pinks will create an aesthetic that is sophisticated and luxe.

Discover our winter picks for 2016…

Pine_Winter 2016 Colour Trends


Offering a more refined and sophisticated approach to previous colour trends, deep shades of pine and forest green are taking the leap from nature into everyday interiors. These earthbound shades of green create a fresh and elegant accent on cushions, lounges, drapes and rugs, inspiring an ambient setting that is peaceful and balanced. Diverging away from summer tones such as emerald and citrus, pine evokes the deepest and darkest depths of the forest in an organic style statement, especially when complemented with pastel shades like dusty pink and apricot.

Fabrics Featured: Plush Forest, Ingrid Terracotta, Eclipse Spruce, Liaison New Forest, Hydrangea TurquoiseClover Lagoon

Inspiration images sourced from: VT Wonen, Susanna VentoPalm Trees & Pistols

Lilac Blush_Winter 2016 Colour Trends


Think of a warm and captivating sunset and that is what embodies this stylish and sophisticated colour trend. With an array of sweet and dreamy shades, from lilac suede to possum pink, Blush comprises an almost neutral colour palette that is soft and subtle. A dusting of these tones will bring a warm and graceful air to tired interiors, adding a classic touch to furnishings and drapes. Pair a blush pink with a stormy blue to create a style statement that is simultaneously bold and refined. Or, to create an aesthetic that is more versatile, blend soft pastels with raw elements such as concrete and timber for organic tones and gorgeous natural textures.

Fabrics Featured: Chambray Dusk, Washed Bronte LavenderWashed Mansfield Lavender, Fleurie Mushroom, Armstrong ImperialEsprit Petal, Washed Doyle Lavender, Haven Lilac

Inspiration images sourced from: MuutoStillstarsKarina Manarin

Storm_Winter 2016 Colour Trends


Deep, dark and moody, Storm is a captivating colour spectrum that acts as a focal point in any environment. A stunning range of inky and rich blues create an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the ever-changing shades of the ocean. With colours that develop tone according to natural light and space, this versatile palette has the power to transform any interior, creating a perfectly luxurious ambience when used in abundance. Alternatively, incorporate this deep rich hue in more subtle ways, using delicate blue florals in traditional settings, or pairing with sharp geometric designs for a refreshing and vibrant approach.

Fabrics Featured: Lumley Teal, Glamour Storm, Mellina Turquoise, Pristine Spring, Vivien Glass, Cumulus StormZante Deep Teal, Glamour Atmosphere

Inspiration images sourced from: Dulux ValentineStudio KOAbigail Ahern

Indeed, a splash of colour can transform any interior into a new space! With Mother Nature as the inspiration, this trio of tones will bring a fresh perspective to your home, allowing the earthy colour palette of any landscape to come alive on walls, floors and furnishings.

So, what’s your colour pick from this tempting trio?

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