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The world is more accessible today than it has ever been before. Every day, thousands of people are travelling in different directions all over the globe, each with a different purpose and different motivations. Whether it is for leisure and the love of exploring or for more serious business endeavours and work related pursuits, travel has become an inherent part of every day life that allows us to inspire and to be inspired.


Recently, two designers from Warwick embarked on a research trip to The London Design Festival to be inspired and invigorated by an exciting new season of textile trends. Surrounded by colour, texture and style, the designers attended a selection of highly regarded shows alongside many other established and emerging designers, all hailing from different parts of the world. From new technologies and techniques to upcoming design directions, each show was an opportunity to be immersed in a buzzing hub of creativity that encapsulated all things classic and modern, big and bold, and soft and sophisticated.

Presenting a mix of on-trend textiles, furniture, ceramics and accessories, internationally renowned shows like Decorex, Focus and 100% Design gave the Warwick designers a flourish of inspiration. Now, it’s time for you to be inspired by the latest colour and texture trends below, with fresh ideas from the Warwick team that will make your interior a stand out.



Tempting, transitional and tactile…this season is all about texture! Add warmth to contemporary interiors with thick chunky plains, or bring style and sophistication to your lounge room with crushed velvet in an array of soft tones.  Expect to see big, bold statement pieces with the revival of printed velvet; everything from modern geometrics to romantic floral designs will bring colour and luxury to plush interiors. If you are after something slightly more edgy, try combining a touch of leather with a hint of fur to create an aesthetic that is urban and chic.

It’s time to express your unique personality and style through the use of cleverly applied textures and captivating colours. Add flair to your sofa with bold fringing on scatter cushions, or breathe new life into the bedroom with textured mohair throws and thickly embroidered rugs. Be inspired by printed sheers with soft textures, when paired with a distressed floral design or silky damask fabric this trend will bring a timeless beauty to your interior. Let your creativity come alive by mixing and matching different textures in a variety of colours to complement your existing design scheme.



Add a burst of fresh air to contemporary interiors with natural linens and light breezy cottons in an array of Enchanting Forest Greens and Inky Blues. A modern twist on timeless classics, these contemporary hues can be incorporated into existing colour schemes with ease. Dark colours like Royal Blue and Jungle Green will bring earthy tones to interiors without compromising on a rich and slightly indulgent aesthetic. While lighter versions of these colours, such as Teal and Moss, will provide a fresh mood with a more contemporary feel. For a perfectly balanced look, contrast a navy blue sofa with printed cushions in an assortment of pastel shades to create a space that is soft and natural yet inherently modern.



Presenting a romantic spectrum of sophisticated shades, this charming colour trend will bring a soft aesthetic and feminine mood to any interior. Lighten your existing design scheme with delicate textures and detailed prints in a colour palette of gentle shades; think warm tones like Dusty Pink and Terracotta to slightly brighter shades of Berry and Coral. For a bolder style statement, you can mix and match pastel shades with a deep luxurious hue. Pair a Musk coloured sofa with jewel-like Navy cushions for a look that is classic and confident, or try a dark plain fabric beneath a light and playful design for a sweet yet striking touch.


Inspirational images: Warwick FabricsDecorex

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