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With warm weather and long sunny days just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those Winter blues and be inspired by the latest designs and fresh new trends of a hotly anticipated Summer. From breezy linens in an array of organic shades to bold prints with a pop of bright colour, this season has something for everyone.


Transform your interior and breathe new life into any space by embracing the 3 trends we will be following this Summer: Bring the outside indoors with natural colours and textures that exude a soft and tranquil aesthetic, or try a bold tropical print in a vibrant mix of colours for a style that is confident and on-trend. Lighten the mood of your existing design scheme with gorgeous windswept sheers. Perfect for drapes, this timeless trend will allow sun to filter through your windows to create a warm and inviting space. In a final flourish of inspiration, mix and match each trend with a natural element such as wood to create a finishing touch that is sophisticated, contemporary and effortlessly chic.



A relaxing getaway is the inspiration for effortless beach house style…think soft ocean blues, bone coloured seashells and warm textured sand. Bring the beach to you this Summer, with textured linens and comfortable cottons in a stunning colour palette of natural shades. Create a warm and welcoming environment with big, comfortable sofas and scatter cushions in a variety of cool shades. Textured raffia rugs in Stone and Husk will bring a timeless touch to any space, while subtle accessories such as shells and sea glass will add sophisticated charm to contemporary interiors. For a bolder aesthetic, mix and match classic neutrals with nautical stripes or pair thick plains with floral accents to create a statement that is relaxed yet confident reminiscent of a lazy holiday at the beach.

Try Haven for sophisticated interiors with a serene touch, and Thornbury or Milford for a nautical design accent.



Bold colours, vibrant designs and digital prints are making a daring statement across contemporary interiors this Summer. Express your unique sense of style with patterns and textures inspired by the tropics, everything from palm trees and ferns to brightly coloured hibiscus flowers and dreamy frangipanis. Add interest and personality to existing design schemes with decorative upholstery on chairs and cushions, or use a big print on drapes for a captivating style and playful mood. For a more refined aesthetic, pair colourful tropical prints with sophisticated jacquard designs in forest greens and inky blues.

Tropical prints in an array of vivid colours will make a splash across sofas, drapes, rugs, lampshades and even wallpaper. Get creative this season by fusing bright patterns with plush jewel-like plains, or use timeless wooden furniture frames with bold patterned accents to create a look that is stylish and luxe. Make your space complete with indoor plants and sheer curtains for an utterly captivating interior that is perfectly coordinated and effortlessly unique.

For further inspiration, check out the refreshing Tropicana and Tulum ranges.



A gentle Summer breeze on a hot and balmy night will lift the mood of any interior, just as a light and delicate sheer in an array of subtle shades will do the same. Soft colours such as Birch and Taupe will bring a natural aesthetic with a slightly romantic touch, while darker tones like Charcoal exude a modern feel with a sophisticated aesthetic. Add texture and character to any space with timeless sheers in a variety of patterns and designs, everything from classic stripes and flowing florals to organic motifs and simple geometrics. Large scale prints will create a bold and confident aesthetic, while smaller patterns offer a style statement that is relaxed and refined.

Elliot, Jali and Jatani offer pretty jacquard designs and tempting colours to help lighten the mood of any room.

Collection Images & Moodboards: Warwick Fabrics

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