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The new year is finally upon us, and this year our resolution is all about COLOUR! 2017 promises to be a bold year of exciting new beginnings. So, what better time than now to introduce Pantone’s colour of the year…GREENERY!

00 Greenery preview

We’re excited, inspired and ready to roll thanks to this fresh and versatile shade of green. With an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in, this vibrant colour is reminiscent of nature with a refreshing aesthetic that will revive, restore and renew. Whilst such a striking colour can seem overwhelming and a bit intimidating, when used cleverly it will bring vitality and personality to both traditional and modern design schemes. Be playful this year, whether it’s a subtle hint or a loud pop of green this uplifting colour trend will have you captivated and coming back for more!

Sources of inspirational images: FashionisersMade

Fabrics Featured: Macaw Mojito

01 Greenery - A Hint


Feminine florals, playful prints and patterned Ikat designs are the perfect way to introduce ‘Greenery’ into your interior. Whether your look is simple and sophisticated or bright and bold, with the right style cues, Greenery will blend seamlessly into any interior with ease. Keep the colour fresh and suggestive with hints of colour throughout.

It’s time to reconnect with nature by introducing shades of Greenery onto bedspreads, lamp shades, rugs, sofas, pillows, throws, and even into the kitchen. Add character and style to any space with accents of Greenery on furniture, whilst indoor plants in an array of shapes and sizes will complete the look with an aesthetic that is crisp, contemporary and utterly serene.

Sources of inspirational images: Fashionisers

Fabrics Featured: Tropicana CollectionMacaw MojitoGeorgina IndigoPintona Midori, Polly MidoriTuileries Collection

02 Greenery A Highlight


For those seeking a slightly bolder aesthetic, a bright burst of Greenery will lift the mood and radiate wow factor in a style that is both playful and modern. Create an aesthetic that is balanced and sophisticated by pairing a solid green feature chair with neutral accessories such as stone coloured lampshades and softly textured rugs. Or add flair to interiors by mixing and matching different patterns and designs in similar tones; try pairing polka dot cushions with a luxurious-looking damask or create a striking aesthetic with wall hangings inspired by plants and foliage. Don’t be afraid to take Greenery back to its roots by introducing it to outdoor settings. It’s the perfect shade for pool chairs and will bring a soft, natural style when paired with timber frames and wooden tables.

Sources of inspirational images: Vogue, Lucia Litman,Tailored Space InteriorsJen Langston Interiors

Fabrics Featured: Coolum Collection, Zante Apple, Kenji Green Tea, Dotty AppleCherry Garden ApplePintona Midori

03 Greenery - A Hit


Go big and go bold! Be brave this year and transform your interior with splashes of Greenery that demand attention from ceiling to floor. Express your sense of style by experimenting with colour and design, from vibrant prints and lush textures inspired by the rainforest to sophisticated plains and thick, crisp linens reminiscent of a holiday at the beach. For a look that is effortlessly striking and utterly chic try a bold statement sofa covered in soft cushions and textured throws. Or add style to contemporary spaces with large scale drapes that exude personality. Pair this captivating colour trend with natural timbers to create a harmonious aesthetic that is warm and inviting, or be dramatic by adding a pop of green to monochrome colour schemes for a classic style with a glamourous twist.

Sources of inspirational images: Syvende, Studio MMade

Fabrics Featured: Baxter GrassEsprit LimeAugustus Lime, Cumulus AppleMacrosoft MossLucent Apple, Lustrell Charisma KiwiZante Apple


So, how will you be introducing Greenery into your interior this year? A hint? A highlight? Or a hit?


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