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Each and every day, people are inspired by the beauty of the world around us, from the free-flowing and organic movements of Mother Nature to the sleek and stylised aesthetic of high-end fashion runways. Here at Warwick, we are so lucky to be able to use this inspiration as a creative muse for our upcoming designs and emerging collections.

This month, we are excited to celebrate the incredible work of our current top four Australian artists. These contemporary artists are our personal favourites, not simply because their work is breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring, but also because of their distinctive drawings, paintings and photographs which embody the true essence of Australia.

From delicate watercolours and whimsical prints to mountainous landscapes with striking shades of colour, the sheer talent of these Australian-born artists will undoubtedly strike a chord deep within you. We hope that, like us, you too will be inspired by their passion, vision and creativity.


Boasting a distinctive watercolour effect and an interesting perspective on real-life imageries, Julian Meagher’s paintings are original, compelling and utterly unique. A delightful mix of portraiture and still life, Meagher’s work is a hauntingly beautiful homage to both personal and inherited history.

From his early work in 2007 to his more recent exhibitions in 2015, Meagher has sought to capture the heart of Australian living through a different lens, resulting in a refreshing collection of an exquisite form. Based in Sydney, Meagher’s oil paintings adopt a watercolour aesthetic, using soft pastel tones and subtle textures to create shadows, reflections and hints of transparency.

Despite an initial career in medicine, Meagher’s work radiates the passion and composition of a seasoned artist. Having been nominated as a finalist for the Archibald in both 2014 and 2015, it comes as no surprise that Julian Meagher is one of Australia’s most highly regarded contemporary artists.

For more information on Julian Meagher please click here.


Born in the cultural hub of Melbourne, William MacKinnon produces work reminiscent of an Australian childhood in the 90’s, drawing upon familiar scenes such as beach landscapes and brick lined suburban roads to strike a chord with his audience. The perfect balance of light and shadow, MacKinnon’s work is dark and moody yet still has the ability to exude a warm sense of familiarity within you.

With a strong vision and clear artistic direction, MacKinnon uses a rustic and earthy colour palette in both oil and acrylic to create a beautifully textured aesthetic. Bold, striking and utterly enchanting, MacKinnon paints a very real picture of Australian culture and landscape, forming strong connections with Indigenous history and the Australian outback. From gumtrees and surfboards to tin roofs and caravans, MacKinnon’s work is innovative, insightful and impactful, leaving you with a lingering feeling that will have you coming back for more.

For more information on William MacKinnon please click here.


Traversing across the globe to capture the beauty of the natural world, Brooke Holm’s is a photographer with an eye for detail and a flair for composition. Currently based in New York City, Holm’s began her career in Melbourne and reached international status within just a few short years.

Offering a fresh approach to traditional landscape photography, Holm’s work is calm, crisp and perfectly considered. Her aerial photography in particular is breathtakingly beautiful, featuring layers of texture, pattern and colour that blend in synchronised harmony. From rolling desserts and large bodies of rippled water to soft floating clouds and ice-capped mountains in geometrical form, Holm’s captures the enormity of the world with a single lens and turns this into an intimate setting for her audience.

For more information on Brooke Holm please click here.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Lara Merrett is a visual artist who currently resides in Sydney, where she creates large-scale canvas artworks for both solo and group exhibitions.

Big, bold and beautiful, Merrett’s work is a powerful projection of organic shapes and confident colours. Utilising a variety of different painting processes and techniques, Merrett is not afraid to experiment with texture and form, resulting in layers of fluid movement, free-flowing silhouettes and colours that bleed into one another to create new and unexpected shades.

From her first exhibition in 2003 to her most recent show just last year, Merrett’s collections have been all encompassing. Changing and progressing over the years, her work has at times been bold and bright and at other times soft, subtle and subdued. With such a vast portfolio of works to her name, Merrett is a rare talent who will continue to produce art that is natural, spontaneous and truly exceptional.

For more information on Lara Merrett please click here.

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