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As the winter chill slowly creeps closer, it’s time to head indoors and be inspired by the creativity on display around Australia. This autumn/winter there is an abundance of exciting events by designers, artists and craftsmen – we have put together our top, must-see picks for the upcoming season below.

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1. Furnishing in Focus (FIF), 4th – 5th May 2017 (MELBOURNE – TRADE ONLY)

This extensive display of furniture, soft furnishings and bedding is the perfect platform for industry leaders to showcase emerging collections and new releases. With a vast selection of colours, patterns and styles on offer, Furnishing in Focus is an annual event that is proudly Australian and locally produced. Highlighting the impeccable quality and distinctive style of Australian design, this leading exhibition presents a world of choice that is not to be missed. As you wander through the design stalls, don’t forget to stop by Stand 38 to admire the latest releases from Warwick.

For more information on this event please click here.

2. Bright Autumn Festival Art Show, April 1st – May 14th 2017 (VIC)

Presenting one of Australia’s longest running art shows, Bright Autumn Festival is a ten-day spectacular that celebrates the beautiful colours and sights of Autumn. Located in the picturesque region of Victoria’s Alpine High Country, this diverse exhibition offers creative excellence with more than 800 works on offer. From paintings and drawing to jewellery and hand-crafted woodwork, the Bright Autumn Art Show represents a community of Australia’s most vibrant and talented artists. More than just an exhibition of art works, this iconic festival is a hub of inspirational activity with musical performances, parades and an exquisite collection of open gardens.

For more information on this exhibition please click here.

3. A Discernible Air, Current – 3rd July 2017 (QLD)

Housed in one of Australia’s most prestigious galleries, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, this stunning showcase of contemporary works is a must-see event for lovers of textiles. Artists Natalya Hughes, Rosslynd Piggott and Marion Borgelt present a display of intricate pieces with a clear focus on colour, shape, pattern and texture. From Japanese woodblock printing to delicate paper pleats, A Discernible Air celebrates modern art immersed in traditional influences.

For more information on this exhibition please click here.

4. Linda Jackson and Utopia, Current – 29th October 2017 (SA)

Vibrant, playful and bold, Linda Jackson’s work is not to be missed! Featuring a myriad of exquisite garments and textiles, this exhibition is a tribute to the creative partnership between Linda Jackson and the Aboriginal women at the Utopia Station during the early 1980’s. A truly iconic figure in the Australian Fashion Industry, Jackson’s work exhibits a unique sense of energy and an eclectic array of colour and design. With a beautiful collection of motifs and patterns inspired by native flora and traditions, this remarkable exhibition pays tribute to what is now one of the most diverse and successful art communities across Australia……Utopia.

For more information on this exhibition please click here.

5. New Australian Art, Current – 18th June 2017 (NSW)

This refreshing exhibition is a presentation of the latest ideas and methods in contemporary Australian art. A collaborative show that is curated across three of Sydney’s most prestigious art institutions, New Australian Art offers a myriad of creative mediums including painting and sculpture, to installation, video and performance. Combining work from emerging and established artists to create an experience that is diverse, contemporary and truly unique. Visit the Art Gallery of NSW, Carriageworks or the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia to be immersed in contemporary art with a local feel.

For more information on this exhibition please click here.

6. O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism, Current – 11th June 2017 (QLD)

A tribute to three of the most significant female artists of the 20th century, this collaborative exhibition features more than 90 pieces of artwork spanning across the length of each artist’s exceptional career. Acting as pioneers of their generation, O’Keeffe, Preston and Cossington Smith embodied a bold sense of creative energy that rejected traditional artistic conventions in favour of new and unique ways of capturing the world. With a connective theme that focuses on natural, urban and rural landscapes, Making Modernism offers an inherently feminine feel with illustrations and paintings that provide insight into the innovative minds of these progressive female artists.

For more information on this exhibition please click here.

7. Denfair, 8 – 10th June 2017 (MELB)

Presenting Australia’s superior destination for contemporary art and design, Denfair is a benchmark event that promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Now in its third year of exhibition at the Melbourne Convention Centre, this creative hub of local and international brands offers a truly comprehensive range of exceptional quality and design. What’s more, with a strong focus on including both emerging and established artists, this impressive three-day extravaganza allows makers, innovators, artisans, designers and stylists to bring their creative visions to life in an environment that is inspiring, progressive and cutting edge. From furniture and lighting to homewares and bespoke artwork, Denfair offers big thinking with a fusion of function and flair that is simply not to be missed!

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