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This month, we’re taking you backstage for a glimpse of the creative process that goes on behind the scenes. From start to finish, there is always an abundance of energy and inspiration that goes into creating a release, and what begins as a single concept or idea will eventually become a sample hanging in our showroom thanks to the many faces behind the scenes. So, join us as we uncover the creative cycle that begins at the heart and soul of Warwick and finishes in the hands of our valued customers…


All good things take time, and this is no exception when it comes to creating a collection. Once a concept is chosen, work will commence at least 12 months before the collection can be released.

Forecasting trends and gathering inspiration is a significant part of our creative process, and often a single shape or a beautiful colour can be the catalyst for an entire collection! Our buyers and designers are like the detectives of Warwick, always on the lookout for a tempting texture or captivating design.

Attending trade shows and textile markets on both local and international levels, our buyers and designers will investigate trends and research colour, pattern and design. Then back in our studio, with the help of beautifully presented mood boards, the in-house design team will tailor these findings to meet the specific characteristics of our market.

Keep an eye on Warwick’s Instagram to catch a glimpse of these colourful moodboards!


Now that a concept has been chosen, it’s time for the design team to work their magic! Each concept is developed with close attention to detail, and designers must liaise with local and international fabric mills to finalise colours and decide whether designs will be woven or printed.

Designs and colours are briefed into the mills; while patterns are usually submitted in digital format, colours can be easily referenced with a Pantone number or matched to a physical sample such as a swatch or cutting. Once each fabric passes local testing, designs can be ordered from the supplier and focus is moved to the best marketing and merchandising plan for the range.

Capturing the true essence of a collection is a time-consuming process that simply cannot be rushed, with many releases carefully styled and curated in a photography session that will reveal the final application of the fabric. Organising a photo shoot can be a whirlwind of creative direction, one that requires the perfect location and the right number of props. Throw in some tailored furniture, scatter cushions and soft accessories, and our Warwick stylists will bring everything together with effortless style.


Each time a new product is released, our marketing and sales team distributes fabric samples across the globe to showrooms, furniture stores, manufacturers and textiles experts. Head into one of our friendly showrooms to find a comprehensive showcase of the latest collections, from drapery and sheers to upholstery and heavy commercial. Here at Warwick, our sampling service is an essential resource for customers, providing all the information needed to make an informed decision. Pick up a sample today to discover information such as construction, usage, test performance and colour options.

We understand that while there is nothing quite like the textured handle of linen or the soft touch of a silky chenille yarn, decorating decisions can be confusing at times. By using our complimentary cutting service, express your unique sense of style in a more tactile way, using samples to mix and match Warwick ranges with existing paint colours, flooring and furniture in the very space you are renovating.

Our user-friendly website is also a great way to keep updated when pressed for time. Find information on current releases, the ability to order a cutting or useful cleaning information. To see the latest Warwick collections and emerging colour trends, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for a social media experience full of colour, inspiration and design.

So, after 12-18 months of researching, planning, developing, designing, sampling and marketing, the creative cycle comes to an end…now it’s your turn! What’s your creative process?

Fabrics featured: Nolan Collection, Chambray range, Mason Marble, Mason Denim, Chambray Ink, Blaze Navy and Ortega Collection

Source of inspirational images: Warwick Fabrics

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