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Soft, clean tones of mineral blue, eucalyptus and rose. This month is all about blooming into spring with fresh, natural colour and patterns.

Chilled mornings, sunny days and the scent of jasmine, spring is upon us and that means the desire to roll up our sleeves and freshen up our home with a breath of air and a splash of nature.

The urge to clean out and remake during spring can also have us feeling a little overwhelmed by choice. We have compiled some of our top tips on what is on trend this season in colour and styling, to help you get your home ready for both the social and warmer months ahead.

The first step in a good spring cleanse is to attend and mend to all the home’s needs. It is a great time to give your furniture and window treatments some care and attention by giving your upholstery and drapery a professional clean.

We recommend an annual professional clean to keep your favourite items looking and feeling like new. Check out our care and cleaning guides for more advice.

Colour Me New

Watch your house come alive with a splash of soft colour and an infusion of nature. With the onset of spring comes a new sense of energy and the opening up of the doors to let the outside in and the sun shine through.

Colour plays a key role in the mood and feel of any room and this season’s colours are a fresher lighter evolution of the deep rich hues that we wrapped ourselves in throughout the winter months. Our spring picks are reflections of natural elements using nature inspired prints and featuring environmental colours such as eucalyptus, seafoam, coral, olive, tangerine, caramel, rosewater and apple green. Offset with mineral blues and dusty neutrals.

Relying on colour and texture from fabrics is a simple way to create an understated statement without a pattern. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way you can invigorate your room with colour. In fact, creating a feature wall is a great and low maintenance way to bring your room into the new season and on trend. Or if you prefer the use of pattern, you can keep it interesting by selecting a favourite design and pairing it with natural materials such as wood, metal or stone.

Source of inspirational images: Living room, Styled accessories, Greenery living room, Bedroom.

Fabrics featured (L to R): Hudson Tangerine, Haven Café, Brunswick Blush, Habitat Dew, Hudson Spearmint, Berge Apple, Plateau Eucalyptus, Malabar Army, Esprit Mineral.

The Creative Process

Mood boards are a great way to get your ideas out of your head and taking shape, so you don’t feel too overwhelmed with choice. Where possible it’s great to get physical samples, once you have your board of ideas together, sit with it for a few days, place it in the room you are decorating and check the colours at different times of the day as the light changes. This way you can get a good feel for how your selection will look day and night.

Please feel free to visit a Warwick showroom or our website to gather some free fabric cuttings to create your own perfect spring mood board.

Fabrics featured: (clockwise from top right): Byron Blush, Bessie CoralBroadwater Sky, Nolan Arctic, Eastwood Bison, Eastwood Taupe, Daintree Forest 

Bringing the Outdoors In

The merging of the inside to outdoor spaces is a staple in today’s home. After a long winter, the spring sunshine is calling us to bring the outdoors in.

Greenery and potted plants can do wonders to reinvigorate your interior space and it’s no surprise that Pantone’s pick for 2017 colour of the year is a fresh, vibrant green.

Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.” ( )

Extending the outdoors into your interior can be done simply with potted plants, vases of fresh blooms, colour and of course, textiles. Botanical prints and weaves suited to drapery, upholstery and accessories is a fun and flexible way to blur the lines of inside/outside living further. We offer a full range that can be tailored to your personal design style.

Depending on the aesthetic you desire, our ranges have you covered. For a subtle, fresh look, we recommend Corvus or Mill Bay or for those seeking a bold, lush statement, our Daintree and Floranova collections offer great options.

As spring rolls in we look forward to helping you open up your home life, fill it with colours and nature, so you can create your own personal haven to socialise with family and friends in the warmth of the sun.

Fabrics featured: Corvus collectionEtch Leaf, Budapest Seafoam, Bristol Jade, Cato Opal, Mill-Bay Ash, Daintree collection.

Source of inspirational images: Bathroom

Looking for further inspiration? Check out our ‘Botanical’ and ‘Bringing Outside In’ boards on Pinterest.


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