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By nature, kids are carefree, entertaining and brimming with imagination. These traits tend to extend into the spaces they inhabit and make kids rooms unquestionably the most fun.

Bold pattern, fearless colour and innovative spaces are key elements to consider and explore when decorating for the rug rats. Get your kids involved in the decorating process – their perspective on colour, pattern and space will likely be more unconventional that yours, and therefore a great tool to shake up your creative inspiration.

Pull out the colours and let the fun begin!

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Children’s spaces are the perfect place to mix and match print and pattern without limit.

Statement wallpapers are a great way of creating a wow factor and offer both aesthetic and practical function. While removable stickers and wall decals offer flexible pattern that can be readily interchanged. Involve your kids in the decorating fun to help create a wonderland of stars or a forest full of jungle animals.

Our extensive range of dual-purpose junior fabrics offers playful geometrics, whimsical themed prints and colourful classics to add pattern and colour to your walls, windows and bedding. Smaller accessories such as cushions, lampshades and bed linen are flexible accents to add a theme into the space that can evolve and grow with your child.

The options are endless and the flexibility of being able to evolve pattern as your child does means their space will always feel personalised and unique.

Source of inspirational images: Massimo Interiors room, Lovely Wall.

Fabrics featured: Dotty Aqua, Mermaid Pink, Dita Saffron, Dinosaur Orange, Waimalu Summer, Playtime Red, Lanai Raspberry, Panda Aqua, Zag Zig Saffron, Ripley OrangeLil’ Munchkins Collection– Dotted-Plumes Crayola, Fly-Away-Birdie Candyfloss, On-the-Prowl Rainforest, Canopy Lapis, Party-Animals Elephant

Colour Me Fun

This is not the time or the place to be conservative with colour! The hardest part is selecting from the rainbow of possibilities that you can create with paint. A great way to start is by limiting the colours to 2-3 favourites, paint a swatch on the wall and see which colour your children gravitate towards.

If you are looking to achieve a more timeless palette that your children won’t outgrow, or for your older children, softer, gender neutral tones are a good way to go.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with block colour- paint a feature wall, layer colour through rugs and bedding, add visual impact by pairing complementary colours together on drapery or upholstered pieces.

Source of inspirational images (clockwise from top right): Augustus ottomans, Warwick design studio, Blue roomPeach room,  Phillip Grass ‘Companion’ chair.

Functional Creativity

What makes a good-looking space amazing? One that encourages creativity and function. When designing a kid’s area, consider how you can incorporate activities into the room. Areas like reading corners, cosy nooks, forts and music or art stations will encourage your child to use the space as their own creative haven.

Interactive murals, chalkboard painted surfaces and innovative arrangements of treasured toys, collectables and artwork can be used to expand on a theme and allow kids to put their creative fingerprint on their domain.

Need some more fun inspiration? Check out the newly released Lil’ Munchkins or Playtime collections created especially for the young at heart.

Fabrics featured: Warwick Lil’ Munchkins collectionSilhouettes Savannah, Camouflage Confetti, Hakuna Matata Rainforest, Canopy Lapis, Canopy Mustard

Source of inspirational images (clockwise from top right):  Australia shelf, Animal head wall decor, Plant wallJo Twaddell room.

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