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Fashion has long since played a leading role in the style, look and feel of any design space. The runway is a continual stream of inspiration with the seasons of the fashion world constantly moving and changing, sending an endless flow of design cues for us to be influenced by.

This month we are taking a dive into the world of colour, pattern and texture recently showcased at international fashion week and paring back trends to bring into our homes.


From African block printing to Balinese weaves and Japanese Shibori, global pattern and technique will always play a key role in interior design. The endless sources of international inspiration sets the tone for our interior spaces, by incorporating elements of culture through pattern and colour.

Fashion inspires us to look deeper into cultures and traditions to express the moods we want to evoke in our spaces. This form of cultural expression is a nod to the global world we live in and our innate curiosity to explore far beyond our borders.

For global pattern inspiration, check out our Nobu, Aditi, Michaela, Toscano, Ortega, Tavi, Maharaja and Jaipur ranges.

Source of inspirational images (clockwise from top left): Laura Siegel, Pantina, Lemaire, Aditi collection, Nobu collection, Warwick Design Studio Toscano moodboard


What’s in and current in fashion can move fast, so fast in fact it can be fleeting. By contrast, colour in interior textiles, paints and furnishings has greater longevity. Fashion is used as base inspiration to draw colours we love, which are translated into our spaces in a way that creates long lasting impact and appeal.

To achieve a look that is both fashion forward and timeless, mix deep and bold colours with natural materials like wood, stone, metal or linen. Key seasonal colours include vibrant shades of brick, red, salmon, marigold and mallard. On-trend, earthy hues of sage and khaki are balanced with feminine tones of dusty pink and blush.

For the colour shy, introduce colour into your space gradually through small accessories such as throws, cushions or ceramics.

For fashion forward colour, we recommend our recently released Victory, Malabar, Cleo and Bristol ranges.

Source of inspirational images (clockwise from top left): Jasper Conran, BalmainTibi, Marques’Almeida, Victory range, Dulux and Victory range.


In the world of fashion, texture brings depth and tactility into everyday items. In an interior application, texture is the perfect compromise between patterned and plain fabrics, giving you the chance to mix and match qualities in a way that is high-end.

From plush velvets, metallic details and stonewashed natural fibres to bold embodied details, mixing textures allows you to draw the eye to particular details within a room. Texture is a subtle, pared back way to bring fashion forward, sophisticated style into your home.

Our Cleo, Ritz, Amalfi, Haven and Dune ranges open up a world of texture play. Infuse plush velvet, natural fibres and understated metallic flair to bring your space into season and on-trend.

Source of inspirational images (clockwise from top left): Haider Ackerman, Spotti, That Metal Company, Pinto range, Grey Dress, Grey Linen Curtains, Shirt and Beetle Chairs.

Fashion has always played a part in how our new ranges come to life. Seek out your favourite fashion designers and use them as guides to create an interior style that is both on trend and uniquely your own.

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