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As summer settles upon us and we immerse ourselves in the great outdoors, we find ourselves surrounded by spectrums of invigorating, fresh colour.

This year we are loving the colours of playful urban innovation, timeless coastal vibes and bold, tropical botanicals. We have collated these seasonal trends and packaged three key colour themes to share with you. Pick out your favourite and let your imagination run wild.


Lush, punchy and offbeat, our tropical palette is designed for those who want to make a statement with bold pattern and colour. Deep jewel tones and jungle greens are paired with sleek materials such as plush velvets, polished concrete floors and brass accents to keep the overall aesthetic luxe.

Botanical patterns offer a diverse range of colour options meaning you can mix and match the perfect balance of pattern and colour to make create your own personalised haven. From abstract flora to bursts of bold colour, the options of our botanical ranges are endless.

Bring life to this bountiful theme by incorporating tropical house plants to your space. The ever-changing array of a plant’s tone and depth will enhance the bright colours in your chosen colourways and patterns.

Fabric featured: Kandinsky, Tropicana, Alchemy, Acapulco, Malabar, Cleo, Amalfi, Rapture.

Source of inspirational images: Jungle ShirtMasquespacio.


Fresh sea breezes, relaxed beach vibes and natural textures all sit at the heart of a paired back coastal feel. We have stayed true to the classic take on seaside interiors, featuring a balance of blues and taupes mixed with natural textures and soft tones. This traditional combination remains perpetually popular due to its inviting soft qualities and natural relaxed tones.

For your coastal look to really feel at home, texture is key. Think chunky woven fabrics, floaty sheers, wood grain, clean stripes and weathered surfaces. This rich array of textures can be achieved through a range of soft accessories like throws and rugs, pillows and drapery. Try combining texture with blue and neutral hues to keep your overall aesthetic light and unfussy.

What makes the coastal look so appealing is how well it works in all kinds of homes, be it traditional or modern, your holiday home or inner-city abode, creating an inviting summer coastal feel is a great way to bring the sunshine inside and transform your living space into an inviting relaxed space for friends and family.

Fabric featured: Coast, Brady, Olley, Kendi, Ayana, Milford, Corfu, Hudson, Zion, Watford.

Source of inspirational images: Kyal and Kara, Sunday Supply.


Modern and bold, playful yet earthy, this season’s urban palette is a contemporary and invigorating take on classic city chic. Uplifting colours are paired with earthy hues of khaki, eucalyptus and deep teal to bring a natural feel to the overall look. By coordinating pattern and textural accents, you can achieve both a bold and refined space that feels warm and inviting.

Creating the striking urban palette is about balance. To achieve balance, we recommend keeping the majority of your interior walls, floors and ceilings in neutral colours and finishes, reserving bolder colours as highlights and features throughout your space. By applying this approach, you will have the ease of freely swapping out colours as trends evolve, without having to tackle a whole room.

Colour blocking is a clever way to incorporate a statement colour into your look. Experiment with painting clean geometric shapes on your walls or pair two contrasting hues together.

Fabric featured: Berge, Casablanca, Malabar, Esprit, Kumi, Bristol, Bessie, Ripponlea, Kiko, Husk.

Source of inspirational images: Kettal Moodboard, Inside Out.

We have a range of patterns, fabrics and colours to bring your living spaces to life this summer season and invite you to spend some time over the holidays dreaming up amazing new spaces for you and your loved ones to gather.

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