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A long weekend at the beach house. A jaunt into nature to escape the buzz of urban life. A cabin retreat with good company, food and a cheeky wine. Wherever it may be – getaways have always been a huge part of Australian culture.

Why should it only be a getaway? Why not evoke these emotions and good times in the comfort of our homes? After all, it’s the environments that make these trips so memorable – the change from our day-to-day lives – allowing us to unplug, relax and recharge. This month we look at how you can use textiles to recreate some classic holiday settings at home.


Beach huts and coastal homes are synonymous with Australian summer. As the outdoors and indoors merge, versatile recreational areas are created. These inviting environments are perfect for year round entertaining with family and friends.

Classic coastal stripes, island-inspired motifs, naturally textured plains and eclectic colour schemes can all lend a hand to create these beach house atmospheres. Advances in technology and construction mean there is an extensive range of fabrics on the market, allowing you to create your own indoor/outdoor oasis with ease.

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There is something about being out in the country, which makes us slow down to appreciate the simple things in life. The feelings of relaxation and the serenity it evokes make the task of unwinding a much easier process. ‘Country Chic’ style tends to be less trend-driven, instead focusing on classic pattern, colour and natural textures with a timeless aesthetic.

Plaid, checks, stripes, damasks, velvets, wool, cotton and chunky linens are the staple for this style. Colours of navy, caramel, tan, beige, grey, charcoal, chocolate, tobacco and ecru are classically associated with this style. Fusing these elements together allows you to create your own country style – refined and tailored or rustic and relaxing, the combinations are endless!

Source of Images (clockwise from top left): Outdoor Setting, Warwick Fabrics | Wool Library, Throw Stack | Weave, Warwick Fabrics | Plush, Warwick Cuttings (left to right) | Bainbridge, Plush, Plush, Bellary, Michaela, Killean, Liam, Warwick Fabrics | Michaela.



Native flora is a huge source of inspiration in the world of textiles. The organic colours, form and textures of the landscape help create beautiful prints and woven textiles. Bold botanical patterns bring shades of nature into your home creating serene and tranquil environments. Pairing prints with naturally textured plains help to complete this look, adding subtle colour and textural interest.

Natural fibres have increased in popularity over the years. Their ability to be raw, refined and everything in between make them perfect base cloths for prints or stand-alone textures. From gauzy cotton sheers to chunky, textured linens perfect for slipcovers. This ‘Native Roots’ look can be achieved in many different ways.

Source of Images (clockwise from top left): Eucalyptus, Warwick Fabrics | Haven, Warwick Fabrics | Hinterland, Warwick Fabrics Cuttings | Plateau, Haven, Hinterland, Hinterland, Haven, Malabar, Bambino, Warwick Fabrics | Bambino.


Creating your own little in-home getaway has never been easier with the endless selection of fabrics and furnishings available. The ability to unplug, unwind and recharge in this digital age is important, as we don’t always have the time to plan a getaway. So, why not have an in-home one?

If your creative juices are flowing, make sure you check out our Pinterest page or visit your nearest Warwick Showroom to further your inspiration and ideas.

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