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The simplest and most effective way to create moods in a space is COLOUR.  We are seeing colour take centre stage, as people are becoming more daring in their homes. In 2019, we see a move towards warmer tones of gold, coral, red and brown with pops of cobalt and native greens. The palette for next year is heavily influenced by mid-century design and its harmonious use of colour. Featured below are the emerging colour trends our design team took note of on their research trip to the London Design Festival @l_d_f_official #LDF18

Electric Blues.

Huge in hard and soft furnishings and accessories, these blues are easily incorporated into youthful, energetic print designs. Also well suited to opulent, soft touch velvets and dry linens. Blue is bright, bold and surprisingly versatile.

Featured Designs: Lenora Cobalt, Hinterland Cobalt, Mykonos Cobalt.

Fabrics (left to right): Cleo Cobalt, Malabar Electric, Lustrell Anchor Lagoon, Amalfi Marine, Lucent Pacific, Macrosuede Capri.

Rays of Yellow.

Sneaking its way through the fashion industry, yellow is what we are interpreting as THE colour for 2019. Scaling from warm shades of marigold to earthy ochre and citrus lemon. Yellows have evolved from an accent to the primary focal point for other colours to work around.

Featured Designs: Kiko Manuka, Lenora Mustard, Nahid Chartreuse, Teepee Ochre.

Fabrics (left to right): Entice Camel, Dolce Gold, Keylargo Marigold, Regis Gold, Augustus Sunshine, Lustrell Charisma Lemon.

Scarlet Shades.

We welcome back the reds that have taken a backseat over the past few years. Versatile and timeless – reds are well suited to traditional or contemporary settings. Whether it be dark and melancholy or bright and boisterous, reds can play to a myriad of moods. Classic burgundy, rusty red, pillar-box and flame – there is a shade for any situation. A key colour in residential and commercial interiors it’s fantastic to see them making a comeback.

Featured Designs: Teepee Sunset, Flowerbomb Scarlet, Simona Tropical

Fabrics (left to right): Regis Rust, Flynn Flame, Cleo Poppy, Victory Jaffa, Malabar Poppy, Ashcroft Scarlet.

Coral Blush.

Millennial pink is slowly phasing out, making room for more orange-based, coral tones that bring playfulness to any setting. Blush tones have become less feminine and more unisex, maturing from the lolly pinks to shades of dusty apricot, bright melon and slippery salmon (you can thank Dulux for that name). This was an exciting trend we saw, as it displayed a willingness to play with colour.

Featured Designs: Surrey Coral, Lida Sorbet, Kiko Blush, Acapulco Terracotta

Fabrics (left to right): Plateau Saffron, Levi Coral, Lucent Coral, Lovely Blossom, Aurora Coral, Malabar Watermelon.

Native Greens.

Calm and relaxing… Greens are maturing from deep forest hues to pleasing, paired back shades native to our surrounding environments. Eucalyptus, olive, khaki and moss serve as perfect neutral bases with the timeless appeal of nature. These tranquil tones are making appearances in fibres like bamboo, cotton and linen due to their natural characteristics.

Featured Designs: Mehdi Forest, Bambino Eucalyptus, Kiko Tussock

Fabrics (left to right): Cleo Army, Malabar Pine, Amalfi Mercury, Kumi Tussock, Haven Sage, Lovely Moss.

Rich Browns.

Taking a cue from the 1970s, rich browns are a welcome change from the icy neutrals of late. We have been anticipating the demise of grey for a while and the warmer neutrals are becoming the go-to choice. Rich browns work well in velvets, wool, leather and suede. As well as wooden accents and accompanying furniture, rugs and painted walls. Textures ranged from luxe and opulent to raw and natural.

Featured Designs: Rolla Fall, Eden Autumn, Pinto Espresso.

Fabrics (left to right): Husk Coffee, Magma Chocolate, Bristol Mocha, Kalahari Cocoa, Omni Copper, Lovely Ochre.

Coloured Neutrals.

There has been a slow shift in neutrals over the past few years. With subtle colours coming through to create lightly saturated undertones. These dusty neutrals can be influenced by almost any colour in the spectrum, being employed as a base to layer on. These tones are playing a huge part in grounding an interior scheme to work upon.

Featured Designs: Kensington Natural, Dissolve Charcoal, Catalina Slate, Yoshi Mushroom

Fabrics (left to right): Nixon Hessian, Esprit Oatmeal, Plateau Piglet, Flynn Mushroom, Cleo Mist, Amalfi Fog.

So there you have it! Our break down of what is set to trend in 2019. With so much on offer, having physical samples and swatches is extremely important in planning your future ventures. Did you know you can order samples of our fabrics online? Having them delivered directly to your door?? OR you can visit us at one of our showrooms. Our staff have fantastic product knowledge and can provide you with the samples and info on all of our products. Helping you bring your schemes and dreams together.


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