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The cats finally out of the bag!

Living Coral 16-1546 has been named as Pantone Colour of the Year 2019. This bright and cheerful colour evokes positive energy and warmth with a playful presence. This month we look into the inspiration behind this colour, from nature to fashion and how you can incorporate it into your interior in the New Year.

This electric tone can be tailored to your needs and comes in a variety of tones – blush, blossom, melon, saffron and peach to name a few. Harmonizing with neutral hues and pairing perfectly with colours like orange and ochre, Living Coral is extremely versatile and full of life.

Source of Images (clockwise from top left): Pantone, Warwick Fabrics (top to bottom) – Lovely Blossom, Lucent Coral, Malabar Watermelon, Plateau Saffron, Levi Coral, Sofa – Urban Outfitters, Dress – Tekla Evelina Severin, Moodboard – Warwick Design Studio.

Bold and unapologetic, Living Coral can be found all around us from natures design to our digital realities. Feathers, scales, leaves, flowers, sea-life and sunsets – this cornucopia of colour offers the inspiration for fabrics and interiors everywhere. Corals have been featured in runway fashion for some time, slowly filtering into our homes and interiors. Warwick is no exception with a bountiful selection or prints and weaves in which coral takes centre stage with its gorgeous golden undertone and subtle, soft edge.

Source of Images (clockwise from top left): Nepali Man – @andreanicolaou, Shells – Henry Domke, Rainbow Flax – @taraheeranharrisWarwick Fabrics (left to right) – Nolan Coral, Mendoza Coral, Newbury Fiesta, Lida Sorbet, Ribbon Carnival, Ophelia Coral, Naomi Coral, Surrey Coral, Clothing – Brooke Shanesy.

Coral is perfect for injecting energy and contrast to a space. From light and soft to deep and vibrant, go big and bold by upholstering an entire couch or chair in a textured plain. From dry-looks, natural fibres and plush velvets, there is a quality for all occasions depending on your lifestyle and desired depth of colour. If subtle is more your thing, our recent trip to #LDF2018 displayed coral colours in everything from paint, rugs, drapery, hardwood furniture and soft furnishings like cushions, ottomans and lampshades. Stepping outside comfort zones, this colour evolution is exciting and important as is sees classic ‘millennial pink’ slowly phasing out and blush tones becoming universal. Coral can also work back with rust, soft blues and a variety of greens to create a myriad of different looks. Experimenting with these tones, patterns and coordinating colours you can easily compile the perfect palette to create or transform your own unique and stylish setting.

Source of Images (clockwise from top left): Jono Fleming – Makeovers, Warwick Fabrics – Ophelia, Chair & Cushions – Weave, Warwick Fabrics – Haven, Moodboard – Warwick Design Studio.

There you have it! Living Coral 16-1546 is the colour of the New Year. Here at Warwick, we have everything you need to get your interior up to date and trending for 2019. Get your ideas underway by visiting one of our showrooms or ordering cuttings of any of our fabrics online.

From all of us here at Warwick, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing and working with you all in 2019!

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