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Tuesday, April 9th 2019 by

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of one of our fabric collections?

Well, wonder no more…

There are months of planning, research, concepts, design, testing, sampling, photography and marketing involved in the creation of the hangers, books and photography you see in showrooms with our name on them. In this post, we are breaking down this process and taking you on a little ‘behind the scenes’ look into our new Lempika collection from concept to completion…

Our design team begin by brainstorming… Is there a gap in the market? What fabrics do we already have? What fabrics would we need to design and source? What’s selling? What’s trending? Who is our target market? What do we want to achieve? All these questions and more bring us to an idea for an initial concept – which then develops into a new project proposal.

Taking these questions into account our design team test concepts and designs through our InstagramFacebook and Pinterest channels with moodboards and sneak peeks. Working constantly with colours, materials, patterns, styles, prints and more to create and drive these projects to fruition.

Once Lempika was given the go-ahead, development was quickly underway. The prints were hand-painted and the weaves were coordinated to match. Using software like Adobe CC to get the scales, coordinates and colours just right before we send our designs to the mills.

The mills then print and weave these initial designs and coordinates on our selected qualities. Samples are then sent back to our designers to check colour, quality, scale, pattern repeat and overall aesthetic alongside one another. During this process, final tweaks and adjustments are made – for our Lempika collection, two of our designers flew overseas to work with the mills in person. This can often streamline the development process to ensure deadlines and targets are met.

Working closely with our photographer, end-use settings are created with the props, fabrics and furniture we have sourced and had custom made for the photoshoot. This furniture will then go into our showrooms once the collection is officially released. The photos are then processed and sent back to our design, marketing and sampling teams to prepare for the fabrics release.

While all of this is going on, our sampling is being created – from books, hangers, cuttings samples and press releases to fabric flat shots, advertising campaigns, website updates, social media and everything in-between. Once the sampling is ready, it is distributed out to our showrooms, manufacturers, retailers, reps and our international offices, ready for their release.

AND there you have it! An inside look into the prep, process and final presentation of a Warwick Fabrics collection from start to finish. If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to get in touch. We have ongoing collections in the pipelines so make sure you are following our social channels to stay in the loop.


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