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Many people have asked where we store our extensive fabric collection AND the process involved from placing an order to having it delivered to your door… This month we take a closer look into those steps with a brief ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the beating heart that is our warehouse.

2017 was a transitional time for Warwick Fabrics. We re-located our operation to Somerton after our brand new warehouse was complete. During this period, we made BIG changes to our systems, streamlining us into a new age of operation with the help of RFID technology and the latest in inventory management. These additions help us to reduce waste and maximise efficiency – a double win!

Upon receiving a delivery, every roll is unloaded, scanned, tagged and entered into our system. After this process is complete, the rolls are then systematically placed into storage ready for ordering.

When you place an order with Warwick Fabrics, it goes straight into our system and gets received by our picking team. This lets them know what is required for cutting each day. Running up and down as required, they collect the fabrics needed to send to our cutting benches.

The cutting team use our system to determine the quantities needed from each roll, cutting and prepping them for dispatch. The rolls are digitally measured then cut to help ensure our inventory stays up-to-date at all times. Once cut, your orders are then rolled-up and sent down to dispatch – with the remaining fabric placed back into storage.

These cut fabrics then make the journey down to our dispatch team. These rolls are then sorted into their individual orders and labelled, wrapped and readied for shipping. They are then placed in our dispatch bins – ready for courier pick-up to make their last leg of the journey on to you.

There you have it… A little insight into systems, processes and the team behind the beating heart of Warwick Fabrics. Our warehouse is quite an operation with approximately 30+ staff on any given day, processing upwards of 10,000 meters of fabric and dispatching approx. 10,000 kg of product on a daily basis.

If you would like to know more about our warehouse and operations – we would love to hear from you! Get in touch and make sure you are following our social channels for all the latest news and info from us. Our September Release is around the corner and we have some other exciting things in the works. Watch this space…

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