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OnGuard is a revolutionary fabric treatment that protects your fabric and those you love most. Water based and environmentally friendly, OnGuard is a solvent free solution that is safe for people, plants, pets and our planet. This exciting treatment can be used to protect any of our fabrics both natural and synthetic, providing resistance and repellency to water, oil and soil base stains.

An antimicrobial solution, OnGuard offers a durable layer that stops the development of mould, prevents algal infestations and protects against the development cycle of dust mites, which is the number one trigger for asthma.

Produced using renewable resources, the application sees the fabric fully immersed into a bath of unique OnGuard solution, before being passed through rollers to ensure that the fabric is fully permeated. The fabric is then dried and cured to cross link both the repellency and health chemistry. Meeting international and national requirements OnGuard is certified to functionalise the surface of textiles & fabric without altering the properties of the material in any way, ensuring that your fabric maintains its original hand-feel and structure.

With OnGuard, cleaning has never been easier. In the likely event of a spill simply use a dry absorbent cloth to remove the spill. Then use a wet cloth to clean the fabric. It’s usually that easy.

Lasting 4-5 cleans and taking approximately 7 working days to treat, OnGuard is a fantastic way to ensure that your fabric stays protected and maintains its original appeal.

To find out more see our links below:

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To find out more and pick your fabric for an OnGuard treatment head to the Warwick Fabrics website.

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