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To celebrate the launch of their first ever Sofa Customisation program, GlobeWest caught up with Cam Warwick to talk all things textiles.

Warwick is a name that’s been synonymous with quality textiles since the 1960’s. What was it like growing up with that surname?

To be honest I never knew anything other than fabric. Dad (founder Tom Warwick) was always passionate about furnishings, texture and colour. My brother Leighton and I are incredibly proud to carry on this legacy.

Why do you think soft furnishings are so important in design and what do you think makes a fabric beautiful?

Choosing the right soft furnishings and fabric textures are so critical for layering and in creating the mood of a space, be it through drapery, furniture, rugs or accessories. Beauty means different things to different people and everyone’s perspective on what’s beautiful evolves continually. That’s why product development is so important.

Are there any major movements happening in colour and texture right now?

We are forever energised by the world around us, drawing influence from art, design, culture, fashion and current events.

The popularity of earthy tones has increased. Lots of warm browns, tan, ochre & mustard with teal tinged blues and navy hues that offer a touch of contrast. While hues of burgundy, terracotta and deep reds also enter the home for a more enticing, warm embrace.

With much of our time currently spent at home – creating an environment that makes us feel safe and relaxed is very important. The colours supporting this yearning for sanctuary are warm neutrals with sandy tones, including taupe and softer contrasts of blush and peach.

Textiles and textures are perfect for these nurturing spaces whether it be with natural look weaves such as Tate and Bodhi or soft luxury velvets including Plush, the texture needs to be calm and inviting.

Why do you think furniture customisation is such a big thing and is it growing?

Customisation I think has grown (and will continue to grow) as people seek opportunities for self-expression. Our showrooms have never been busier as people want to add a personalised touch to their spaces, defining their own unique style.

There is also greater exposure to good design inspiration through visual mediums like Instagram and Pinterest that has made the process of customisation less daunting. With a library of ideas and pictures people are more willing to engage with design professionals who are encouraging their clients to take small risks for big reward – nudging them out of sometimes predictable spaces to make their homes impactful yet timeless.

GlobeWest and Warwick have recently partnered together to offer sofa customisation. What brought the brands together? And what’s it been like working together?

There are a lot of natural synergies between Warwick and GlobeWest! I think our mutual focus on delivering inspiration to the Australian design community makes us a natural fit. Innovation is at the core of both brand’s DNA and we’re also both Australian-owned and family-run.

Plus, for years designers have been re-upholstering GlobeWest products in Warwick Fabrics (us included), so we are delighted to bring simplicity and ease to this process

A mutual love of colour and aesthetics bonded us from the beginning and at a business level there’s great professionalism and a mutual dedication to customer service.

It’s been a buzz for the Warwick team seeing the Custom Upholstery Hubs in all GlobeWest Showrooms (be it virtually!) and it’s great to know your consultants have the knowledge and skills to help designers and their clients bring their design visions to life. We’ve only just launched but are already seeing bold colour choices which is exciting!

What makes the GlobeWest – Warwick Sofa Customisation offering special?

Whilst GlobeWest sofas are of a high quality, I think we bring a further level of durability, extending their usage into heavy commercial settings.

The GlobeWest design team’s curation of 3 textures and 42 colours is of the highest taste levels, and when you combine that with the diverse sofa Vittoria sofa collection, the opportunities to create bespoke interiors – from classic to contemporary spaces are endless.

Learn More about the GlobeWest Sofa Customisation Program here


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