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Known for it’s versatile nature, wool has proven itself with a history spanning 2000 years. With its warm, tactile nature and functional finish, today’s wools are resilient hard-wearing products, perfect for the conscious consumer wanting a natural sustainable solution without compromising on style.

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Wool fibres have a myriad of natural benefits including: breathability, odour control, fire resistance, UV protection, sustainability and recyclability. Wool and wool blends have a fantastic natural resistance to pilling and wrinkling, and the overlapping scales within the fibre (similar to the feathers of a bird) also give it a natural defence to dirt, dust, grime and lint with its inherent anti-static finish – keeping it cleaner for longer. 

These natural characteristics teamed with today’s innovative fabric treatments and manufacturing techniques have advanced our ability and capacity to keep up with the demands of the modern world. 

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In the age of the environmentally conscious, wool ticks many important boxes. Naturally produced and a completely renewable resource, wool is 100% biodegradable and will naturally decompose in soil, slowly releasing its nutrients back into the earth.

As an added benefit the majority of Warwick wools are proudly part of our Encore range as they have a percentage of recycled content, and consequently help divert post consumer textiles waste from landfill. These items are put through a mechanical process that returns the used cloth to fibres that can then be re-spun to yarn and manufactured into fabric. Recycled wool is one of the most certifiably sustainable and traceable fibres in the world – reducing waste, resources and energy.

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From digital printing to wool-blends with various fibres and treatments – wool is quickly advancing, ready for future endeavours. Beyond rugs and upholstery, wool is playing an increasingly large role in residential and commercial spaces of all sizes thanks to its inherent capabilities, high-end finish and easy care nature – wools are the natural choice for any interior.

Here at Warwick we have a selection of plain, patterned and textured wools, which include our new Octavius wool-blend and our ever-popular Augustus and Component

For more information about our wool products and other fabrics on offer, touch base with your local Warwick Rep, visit one of our showrooms or click through to our website.

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