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This month we are introducing you to the world of colour psychology, and the amazing study of colours in relation to human behavior. Colour psychology aims to determine how hues can affect our day to day life, from the purchases we make to the way our mood shifts when surrounded by certain tones. Colour has the ability to calm us, focus us, agitate us and even make us move faster. Colour psychology can help us gain a better understanding of how and why to choose colours and what combinations to use them in for best effect. Below is just a dip into this amazing world as we focus on four of our favorites.

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Associated with boldness, formality, mystery, strength, luxuriousness, and seriousness, black has long been the choice of the fashion conscious. Whether you don’t know what to wear or what colour of furniture to opt for, black’s neutrality gives it a fail-safe quality and promises sleek sophistication. Used in fashion for its “slimming” qualities, black has long been the hue of choice of the high-end consumer with its perception of uncompromised excellence.

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Arguably, one of the strongest hues of the colour psychology spectrum, Blue is inherently soothing and is known to stimulate clear thoughts, calm the mind and aid concentration so it is seen often in home studies, schools and libraries. Often used in hospitals and aged care homes, light or soft blues are serene and mentally calming, instilling security and tranquility. Bold hues, such as navy and royal blue, are great for evoking confidence and are associated with admirable qualities such as loyalty, trust, peace and success.

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Yellow is pure joy, whether it’s ochre, lemon, pastel or gold, the hue is always strikingly vibrant. The colour of optimism, energy, youth and intellect, yellow adds a pop of sunshine. When used in interiors, yellow has been proven to speed metabolism, conversely studies have found that babies cry more in a room of this colour, thought to be the fact that yellow can be overpowering, stimulating and difficult for the eye – so should be used wisely.

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At the centre of the colour spectrum, Green is the colour of balance, nature, growth, fertility, health, and generosity. The most soothing colour on the eye, green can rejuvenate and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and emotionally secure. The various shades of green can evoke completely different feelings. Dark green is associated with ambition and wealth while aqua brings emotional healing and protection, through to olive tones, the traditional colour of peace.

Whether you’re spending the month at home or relishing in your new found freedom, now is the time to immerse in the hues and tones that work best for you. For all things colour and design, head to our Instagram for daily inspiration.

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