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With the merge of indoor and outdoor living being an essential part of the Australian lifestyle, we need fabrics that not only look the part, but also are up to the task of withstanding the seasonal elements, year-round. We have put this blog post together as a go-to resource for all things outdoor to ensure you get longevity, practicality and of course, style!

Image source: Warwick Seychelles SunDec Outdoor


Outdoor settings have started to resemble our interiors over the past couple of years, which is why we have developed a versatile range of textured plain and patterned fabrics suitable for outdoor use, that emulate the soft textures and designs commonly seen in interiors.

Evolving colour trends have also meant that although there is always a desire for bold, summery colours, softer hues that draw from their natural surroundings have taken centre stage as people seek to create relaxing and serene outdoor settings.

Image Source (Clockwise from left): Kuata Palm, Tulum Palm (reverse), Lomani Cloud, Pink Chairs, Outdoor fire place, Mykonos Forest, Kona Pumice, Mombasa Sand, Kuata Oyster, Lawn chairs, Deck Chair.

Garden party furniture generally plays a part in an event or a season and is not really on display all year round. To get the best out of outdoor cushions, where possible store away from direct sunlight when not in use as this will prolong the life of your fabric. As autumn hits, it is good practice to wash the cushion set together removing all the dirt, dust and sunscreen before you put them into storage. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure your outdoor foam is dry and clean so when you next use your outdoor setting there are no nasty surprises (the eight leg variety or otherwise).


With 85% of Australians living near the coast, people are spending more of their day-to-day in the outdoors – at the beach, on a boat or poolside. Warwick Fabrics has developed just the fabrics and vinyls to endure the inevitable wear-and-tear that comes with wet areas. Earlier this year we released a brand new collection of marine-grade, heavy commercial vinyls that boasts the addition of OnGuard stain resistance and HealthGuard antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. UV resistant to 650+ hours and bleach cleanable when necessary, Lustrell Admiral and Lustrell Commodore are the perfect vinyl to use in extreme outdoor areas. If you need a full waterproof barrier around your upholstery our Lustrell Marine collection features the capability to be heat sealed giving you complete piece of mind.

Image Source (Clockwise from left): Boat deck, Mallacoota Ocean, Lustrell Commodore Pacific, Yasawa Marine, Matacawa Hibiscus, Pool Loungers, Nanuya Reef, Malindi Ocean, Kuata Driftwood, Lounger with sunhat.

If you are after a softer tactile option, our SunDec fabrics are designed to create a beautifully coordinating environment that can be effortlessly maintained no matter the conditions. Developed to withstand commercial sunlight exposure requirements, mould and mildew growth, chlorine damage and general wear and tear. If that is not enough, Warwick’s SunDec includes water repellency and microbial hygiene protection making stylish outdoor living easier.


Geometric, floral, soft, bold, classic or modern – whatever your design style, we have you covered! Our cornucopia of outdoor fabrics and vinyls make it easy to coordinate patterns and plains to achieve a custom look that speaks to your home’s surroundings.

Image Source (Clockwise from left): Lomani Sunshine, Mykonos Melon, Kuata Orca, Sofa, Ottoman, Mindill Stone, Yellow sofa, Lomani Sand, Bells Beach Ocean, Dining setting.

Choosing outdoor furniture and accessories can be harder than a normal furniture purchase as it is a little more technical. If you do not ask the right questions, your piece might look great for a season until the mould starts to appear or your furniture starts to break prematurely.

To make this easier there are some simple points to follow when choosing an outdoor fabric.

  1. Your fabric choice should be made for the outdoor elements. As a bare minimum look for completely man-made fibres.
  2. Tested for outdoor sun exposure
  3. Have a treatment that will combat mould and mildew growth
  4. Have a water repellency treatment
  5. And if appropriate have results against chlorine and/or sea water.
  6. Read the care labels and make sure you are comfortable with the instructions given.

Our SunDec fabrics and Lustrell Marine vinyls pass these six must haves and more. Complimentary cuttings can be ordered through our website or alternatively, head to your local showroom to check out the full range.

Fabric is not the only area that needs to be thought of with an outdoor purchase; foam and furniture frames are also important so should be discussed with your retailer, reupholsterer or decorator. Below are some basics to help start the conversation:

  • For furniture that will get wet we recommend use of reticulated foam. An open cell foam that allows water to pass through like a sponge and provides airflow for a quick-dry feature.
  • For cushions that will not get wet or will not be outside for long periods make sure your cushion inner is not encased in cotton.  
  • How do you need to maintain the furniture frame to get longevity?

As summer approaches (rather quickly) hopefully the above information helps to answer some of those less inspiring points but still equally important. For more visual inspiration, our Pinterest account has boards on all things outdoor, pools, gardens and Exteriors we love.  

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