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Thursday, January 28th 2021 by

New year, new things to do! With 2020 now behind us, we’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring. From new events, to new fabrics, we’re excited for what’s instore in the upcoming months, especially next month with our February release! We have some exciting new fabrics which launch on February 8th, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we thought we would suggest some upcoming events and exhibitions we think will be great and interesting to see.

1 | Mavis Ngallametta: Show Me The Way To Go Home | Until 7 Feb | QLD

This exhibition is said to be a “powerful aesthetic experience” that showcases the stunning and animated paintings of Mavis Ngallametta. Mavis Ngallametta was one of the most well-regarded senior community-based artists in Australia who made a profound contribution to arts and culture nationally. If you’re interested in this exhibition but can’t attend, there is a playlist series on YouTube that explores her artwork and the stories behind each painting. Hurry though, it ends soon!

2 | Cut It – Collage to Meme | Until 29 Aug | QLD

Cut It is a free exhibition that shows how artists have altered the meaning of images from newspapers, art history and popular movies, using techniques of collage, cropping, sampling and montage for viewers to rethink social structures. We love anything with visual texture so this is on our list.

3 | Spectrum | NGV | Until 29 Aug | VIC

Spectrum explores colour through the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) collection, as well as the history and artistic use of twelve different colours. If you love colour, and are in Victoria, Spectrum might be a must-see for you!

4 | Clarice Beckett: The Present Moment | 27 Feb – 16 May | SA

Said to “take visitors on a sensory journey from the first breath of sunrise, to the enveloping mists of nightfall”, Clarice Beckett’s exhibition sounds and looks like it’s going to be a must-see event, as well as an experience for the mind. With over 130 paintings drawn from her national public and private collections, some of the highlights of her work include her ethereal images of lone figures and waves. Tickets are available to purchase now.

5 | Paul Guest Prize | Until 7 Feb | VIC

The Paul Guest Prize is a biennial award and exhibition that showcases Australian artists’ contemporary artwork who are in the run of winning a $15k cash award. If the artwork is anything like last years’ submissions, we’re excited to see what the full exhibition has in-store before we can cast our people’s choice vote!

6 | Chromatopia | Ongoing | SA

The Chromatopia exhibition is a display of works by international and Australian contemporary artists, including Jitish Kallat, Gareth Sansom and Virginia Cuppaidge, that explores how and why artists use colour, and the effects colours have on each other, as well as on us.

7 | Lindy Lee: Moon in a Dew Drop | Until 28 Feb | NSW

In her largest survey exhibition yet, Lindy Lee—one of the most respected contemporary and influential artists in Australia—draws on her Australian and Chinese heritage, as well as her experience of living between two cultures, to create her thought-provoking and unique works. From flinging molten bronze, to burning paper, this exhibition is in our diary, a perfect after work activity for a Friday evening—and what’s more, it’s free!

8 | Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now | Until 4 Jul | ACT

Showcasing art made by women, Know My Name is a comprehensive presentation that is told in two parts—telling a new story of Australian art, as well as looking at new forms of art women have created, and highlighting the achievements and stories of all female artists.

9 | Sorry I Was/Am Too Much – Carla Adams and Albert Tucker | Until 15 March | WA

Sorry I Was/Am Too Much is an exhibition that features two artists: Carla Adams and Albert Tucker. This show showcases Carla’s artwork, such as paintings, ceramics and visual diaries that tell stories based from her charming and ‘not so’ charming experiences in the dating world; alongside her artwork, it also showcases Albert Tucker’s drawing and paintings whose portraits are more emotional, and express the pain and vulnerability in relationships.

10 | ARTEXPRESS 2021| 4 February – 5 Apr | NSW

Featuring a selection of artwork created by students, ARTEXPRESS 2021 is an exhibition that would be great to attend if you’re interested in gaining insight into issues that are important to students who express these through their different forms of artwork.

11 | Triennial | Until 18 April | VIC

Triennial is a free exhibition that “brings contemporary art, architecture and design into dialogue”. It’s an inspirational platform that offers thought-provoking views of the world, while celebrating the works of some of the world’s most accomplished designers and artists. Triennial also have live and online events on their website if you’re unable to attend. All you have to do is book a session!

12 | The Blade: Australia’s Love Affair With Lawn | Until 20 Feb | ACT

From indigenous land management practices, to modern gardening and lawn innovations, The Blade explores the history of lawns in a creative light. With a new appreciation of the outdoors and gardens after the last 12 months of being mostly indoors, this exhibition on all things green has our interest.

13 | Richard Dunlop | Current | TAS

Inspired by the beauty of nature, including birds and weeping Japanese cherry blossom trees, Richard Dunlop showcases his beautiful paintings that will leave you in awe. This is a definite a must-see if you’re in Tasmania!

14 | Blue Over Time: Robert Owen – A Survey | 25 Feb – 23 May | VIC

Known as one of Australia’s most respected artists, Robert Owen’s visually stunning artworks are heavily inspired by his interests in geometry, literature, psychology and philosophy. His work is described as poetic where it explores expression with space, light and colour. If you’re in Victoria, maybe a picnic at Heide needs to be prioritised!

Depending on where you are, we think these events will make great outings, whether with your friends, or seeing them for yourself. With the current restrictions on travel, we have picked our favourite local options to help keep the creative inspiration flowing.

If you’re in Sydney, we also encourage you to come and visit our new, revamped Sydney Showroom and say hello. We’re excited to be back and we would love to see you there!

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