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This month, we explore key trends for 2021 in botanical patterns. We have selected three types of floral design styles that can be beautifully integrated into an array of interiors. These styles have been inspired by leading runway fashion and reinterpreted into a more timeless, yet, contemporary look for home interiors.

Image Source (Clockwise from Top Left): Wattle Fashion, Hinterland, Fabric Cuttings, Daintree Fabric, Runway Dress, Hepburn Fabric, Artwork.


Here in Australia, we are lucky to have an incredibly diverse range of flora in a plethora of vivid colours and forms. Australiana botanicals draw colour inspiration from natural elements throughout the country — the green and gold landscapes, dusky pink sunsets, earthy red clay soil and abundant marine colour, all combining serenity with nature.

As people seek comfort and relaxation in their homes, motifs and colours derived from the familiar Australian landscape are a calming option to be incorporated into our interiors.

Fabrics such as Hinterland, Daintree, Hepburn and Ambrosia are soft, organic patterns that are perfect for creating a native bloom space.

Image Source (Clockwise from Top Left): Zanzibar Fabric, Vera Wang, Flowerbomb Fabric, Interior, Fashion, Room.


Over the past few years, large scale tropical prints and colourful garden depicted floral designs soared in popularity.

Floral Noir marries these floral scenes with dark background colours, providing versatile textiles that can be moody, romantic or dramatic. This emotive design style contrasts intricately detailed floral motifs with deep, contrasting grounds. A look suited to both woven and printed fabrics, this style is particularly popular and is printed onto plush fabrics such as luxe velvets like Mystere.

Create your own statement with: Jessica Bilberry, Zanzibar, Flowerbomb, Bahamas Forest or our Copacabana book.

Image Source (Clockwise from Top Left): Florian Fabric, Weave Cushions, Pocket Detail, Heidi Fabric, Artwork, Phoebe Fabric.


Abstract and stylised florals have been a key style in botanical designs for decades and are just as relevant in today’s interiors as they have been for the past century.

Popular on embroidered, appliqued, woven and printed textiles, many abstract florals become an artwork in their own right and make staple features in a space.

Design your own talking point with our Heidi, Alchemy, Florian, Phoebe and Ingrid fabrics, or the Nopi and Monstera throw pillows from Weave for more dimension.

For more inspiration and ways to incorporate botanical patterns into an interior, please check out our Instagram and our Pinterest pages!

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