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This month, we’re taking a look at four spaces we love and how you can re-create each look. From spicy terracottas, to warm and cool toned neutrals, we hope the following interiors and fabrics give you some inspiration.

Image Sources (Left to Right): The Celile Hotel.

1 | Calile Hotel (QLD)

Located in ‘the Valley’, as it is affectionally known, The Calile Hotel is part of Australia’s first dedicated entertainment district. Surrounded by lush, tropical green and home to some of Brisbane’s favourite designers, James Street is known for its iconic subtropical greenery, and of course, the Calile Hotel.

Designed for people who know what they want, and people who’ve seen average, but don’t plan to settle for it. Our rooms look good, but wait until you experience how they feel.”

The rooms are designed with a sense of calm and tranquility in mind. Soft neutral tones are complemented with hues of green, blue and peach, taken from its tropical surroundings that help create an effortless look and calming interior space.

This space does an amazing job of pairing back a vintage aesthetic and creating a new, cleaner style. Sleek and modern, its combination of perfectly selected finishes and colours creates a peaceful, luxurious retreat.

To recreate this look, the Calile Hotel use our sheer Chios fabric — an ideal drapery that offers a soft-light filtered finish to your windows, creating a similar relaxed and serene space. While for the outdoor lounge chairs, they used Lustrell Commodore — a durable and excellent choice for high traffic and wet areas.

Image Sources (Left to Right): Interior Design, and Lovely Fabric.

2 | Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Neutrals, spice and everything nice! We love the look and feel of the Nourish palette which contains many beautiful tones. It’s combination of soft and hard surface textures, as well as two colours that come together harmoniously, makes the space feel more dynamic and draws you in.

With a renewed appreciation for natural beauty, complement your home with simple, textural and nurturing hues, and admire your tranquil surroundings, – Dulux.

This tonal and nurturing palette revitalises your home and provides a sense of warmth and comfort. It features rounded and soft textured objects to blend the identity between furniture and décor, creating a space that is soft rather than sharp on the eye.

Featured in this beautiful space is our Lovely fabric — a luxurious velvet with a subtle texture that adds dimension to a room. It’s a great option due to its versatility in style and plush finish, as well as its functionality with its heavy commercial rating.

Image Sources (Left to Right): Interior, and Eastwood Fabric.

3 | Chamberlain Property

Passionate about evolving projects from a concept through to the build, Chamberlain Property focus on creating authentic spaces with innovative design and functionality for both residential and commercial buildings.

Using a tone-on-tone colour palette and soft leather texture, this combination creates stunning modern interiors and gives the room visual interest.

Seen in the beautiful stone bench top is our Eastwood fabric which perfectly mimics grains and mottling. It adds a sense of warmth to an otherwise cool toned palette and also allows for some soft texture to feature within a mostly hard surfaced interior.

Image Sources (Left to Right): Interior, and Aurora Fabric.

4 | DIY Blinds

With a great use of contrasting style used to create a modern look without compromising on the accents of this house, this look from DIY Blinds perfectly plays with cooler neutral tones in a way that isn’t too dull while still being lively.

Justine and Rebeka from Buildher Collective had a strong vision for project Bayview. They were after a banded curtain to tie into the period portion of this Northcote home. The end result? We couldn’t do it justice with words, so we’ll let these pics speak for themselves.” DIY Blinds.

We love the use of traditional banded, colour blocked curtains with a modern ‘S’ track finish. The incorporation of bold black hardware also complements this style, making it modern and traditional. All together, its clean and simple, and finishes the room off perfectly.

This interior spaces also uses classic shades of grey, as well as denim and soft touches of khaki and pink to create a look that is modern, but timeless. This is a prime example of blending styles to create a space that speaks to heritage aspects of architecture, but has a modern twist.

Featured in this interior is our Aurora fabric. It offers a sophisticated element of depth, dimension, and a sumptuously soft touch — perfect if you’re wanting to recreate this space and style.

Which of the top four spaces inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments, or feel free reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well as your favourite look!

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