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Dreaming of summer days and a nice long getaway? Like us, if you cannot travel to your favourite destinations at the moment, we’re about to take you on a journey to explore some beautiful wanderlust themes that bring faraway places we have been yearning to visit for the past little while to your home!

Image Sources (Clockwise): Melon, Amalfi Collection 1, Shelf, Chair, Amalfi Collection 2, Beach Towel, Cushions, and Warwick Fabrics (Linesta Laurel, Linesta Linen, Copeland Dusk, Axiom Mink, Kodiak Straw).

Nothing says summer more than yellow, pastels and citrus tones. Weave’s Amalfi collection is perfect for creating a fresh coastal look that brings a true beachy vibe to any space. Famous for its aperitif Limoncello and sun-drenched maze of architecture, this collection was inspired by Amalfi’s dramatic Mediterranean landscape which holds a wealth of historic colours, artisanal craftsmanship and intricate pattern.

Crisp yellow tones are still trending due to the optimistic feeling they bring. With ‘Illuminating Yellow’ being named one of Pantone’s Colour of the Year to balance 2020/2021, this fresh tone portrays aspirational hope and hints that everything is going to get brighter, making it the perfect tone for the current environment — summer range or not.

If you’ve been dreaming of those warm summer days and want to bring a sense of fun and fresh colours into your home, we recommend using our Linesta Laurel, Linesta Linen, Copeland Dusk, Axiom Mink, and Kodiak Straw fabrics. These well-balanced playful tones and textures convey the feelings of optimism and relaxation, and create lively eclectic schemes with its clean crisp pastels.

From bold patterns that transport you to the hustle and bustle of beachside markets, to linen cabana stripes reminiscent of sitting by the pool side, the Martinique collection by Weave is a great example of how to balance and style intricate patterns and colours to create a space that is reminiscent of a luxury holiday.

For something less bright, but still retaining a coastal feel, a Caribbean theme might be your style of choice. This look is all about strong colour pairings and embracing sophisticated colour with a subconscious link to nature. Using warm neutrals, blush pinks, spicy terracottas and khaki tones, this rich colour palette is bound to provide distinctive sophistication to your space, especially when used together in harmony.

Our fabrics Lore Birch, Copeland Rosebud, Adore Copper, Parissi Olive, and Pompeii Moss are perfect options for recreating this theme and transporting you to a Caribbean inspired dream of your own making.

Image Sources (Clockwise): Stone Path, Bed, Warwick Fabrics (Ovis Ivory, Pompeii Sandstone, Lore Honeycomb, Axiom Mink, Copeland Charcoal), Mallorca Collection, Boracay, Architecture, and Cushions.

Mirroring the contemporary coastal vibe Mallorca is known for, Weave’s Mallorca collection takes inspiration from its rugged earthy landscape and olive groves, where limestone cliffs meet turquoise seas, and the high hills are home to elegant villas. This neutral coastal theme creates the perfect environment to stop, reflect and unwind.

When tonal earth shades are worked back with black, clay and cream, it can create a sophisticated island style that is captivating to the eye. This colour palette is timeless and works perfectly within the warmer seasons, through to the cooler autumn months.

For a similar look that provides beautifully soft textures, rustic sheers and lively neutrals, our fabrics Ovis Ivory, Pompeii Sandstone, Lore Honeycomb, Axiom Mink, Copeland Charcoal are excellent choices in creating this gorgeous Mediterranean inspired theme — the perfect lush and luxury space to escape and cocoon ourselves within.

Which theme inspires you the most? Let us know in the comments, or feel free reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well as what your ideal wanderlust theme would be!

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