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Tuesday, June 21st 2016 by

We reveal what’s happening on the other side of the lens at our photoshoots. As you’ll often hear, it takes time and planning to perfect a ‘spontaneous’ instagram-worthy image. Multiply that by a hundred when it comes to a professional photoshoot! Think months of planning, weeks of work and just a couple of hours to …


Wednesday, May 18th 2016 by

As the weather cools down we’re taking cover and heading indoors for inspiration as the local design scene warms up. June has turned into a showcase of creative talent. Check out the expos and shows that are catching our eye… 1. A time-traveller’s style event, 200 YEARS OF FASHION until 31st July 2016. (MELB) This …


Thursday, April 21st 2016 by

Already well into 2016 and we are seeing nature emerge as the dominant trend for interiors. Fulfilling our desire to connect with the natural world, interiors from traditional to modern and everywhere in-between are bringing the outdoors in. Step inside a new hotel, contemporary apartment, café or luxury home and find evidence of our aspiration …


Tuesday, March 22nd 2016 by

This month we go behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of the magic that happens in our design studio – the creative soul of Warwick. As one of the very few fabric Australian wholesalers with an in-house design team, we are so lucky to have four talented, full-time designers and product developers who offer …


Monday, February 22nd 2016 by

A new wave of metallic accents and feature fabrics are igniting our imagination in 2016! Radiating sophistication and glamour, metallics have been illuminating the world’s most exclusive designer bars, hotels and restaurants for decades. More recently, they’re making their presence felt within refined urban interiors, adding a worldly lustre to everything they touch. From the …